PhoneGap / Cordova Mobile Application Development


  • There is quite a number of technical businesses, especially online markets, that consistently engage in the development of their mobile applications or software. Consequently, Cordova (also known as PhoneGap) was created to aid and expand the flexibility of applications across many platforms.
  • A company may decide to design an application that can be accessed on more than one platform or systems such as IOS, Android or Windows. Now, in order to attain this wish, it will have to design the applications accordingly to suit each of the different platforms which are relatively time and money costly.
  • We understand that businesses often seek ways to increase their acknowledgements and usage from time to time, and designing sophisticated UI applications on Symbian, Web-OS, Apple, Android and Windows may be challenging.
  • However, Cordova has been developed for programmers (software) to nullify such a problem for companies around the globe as it enables the wrapping of JavaScript, CSS and HTML code to be applied on various platforms.
  • For instance, Sterling Softwares can extend the features of JavaScript and HTML to function on a device thereby, creating a hybrid application due to its ability to work on any platform. In essence, the application would neither be a native mobile application nor would it have an original Web-based platform but yet perform normally on the different systems.
  • Thanks to the remarkable features offered from Cordova, we at Sterling Softwares have been able to utilize this typical mobile application development, which can be used to deploy an application on multiple platforms! With our in-depth knowledge and experience about HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and APIs our team of web technology experts tend to apply the necessary technical Cordova ethics in the building of native mobile applications. We are referring to the creation of hybrid applications for our clients!
  • We can create any kind of business apps which include Camera functions, QR Code Scanning to Order Management, Client Feedback etc as per requirement of client.

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